Margo Granfors

"Music has fascinated me as long as I remember." Margo says. "When I was little, I made up tunes and played them on anything I could find. I remember the first time I saw a guitar. I was in total awe. It was the same with keyboards. Later when I learned to play the accordion and sing, I knew that I would always love composing and playing music."

Margo Granfors, a co-founder of Towering Pretzels, still makes up tunes, and music is a guiding force in her life. Nicknamed "Dizzy D" because of her energetic personality, Margo is a songwriter who finally feels she's found her own artistic voice. With songwriter and keyboardist Herbie Robinson, she has produced an 8-song EP of original music. Their sound is based in rhythm and blues, combining elements of rock, folk, and world beat music. The CD features acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass, keyboards, and a couple of instrumental extras. The music appeals to all ages, and listener response to the CD has been enthusiastic.

Towering Pretzels has been compared to Sheryl Crow and the Crash Test Dummies. "It's upbeat stuff -- hi-energy and lots of fun!" Margo says. "We're really proud of this CD because it's our first effort and because we organized the project mostly on our own. We're grateful to Huck Bennert, who co-produced our album and helped us get the right sound -- and to the great musicians and engineers who added their own magic to make our music come alive."

What's next for Towering Pretzels? "We love playing to audiences -- that's for sure!" Margo grins. "We plan to bring our music to anyone who'll listen." And judging from the airplay they're getting at area college radio stations, Towering Pretzels has made a good start.