I look in the mirror -- unsure who I'll see
These doubts that I hide are so strong.
I think of tomorrow -- and have no idea
How I've survived for so long.
So I walk very softly Treat others kindly
Persuading myself -- to go on.
I search for a reason
A dream deep inside me
The purpose to which I am drawn.
The sun sets in spirals -- encircled in time,
Unconscious that we're here at all.
The colors like arrows -- are piercing our eyes;
Our spirits awake to the call.
So we huddle together, Cling to each other,
Afraid to confront the unknown,
Trusting in something
We don't understand,
And still we can't leave it alone!
We're left here to question -- hoping to find
The answers we seek in this life,
Trying to balance -- the evil and good,
Caught in a whirlwind of strife.
So I'm driven to capture The demons and rapture,
Imprisoned behind my own walls.
Sometimes I escape them -- and create an illusion
Reflecting my soul in it all.