I called up my baby, the love of my life.
Was gonna ask her to be my sweet wife.
She said to me, "Honey, you've been such a pal.
I'm gettin' married. Be seein' ya now."
Hey, Mr. Tequila, is that a Mexican name?
An end to all my hardships
Take away my pain.
Hey, Mr. Tequila, you deserve all your fame.
Erase away my heartache,
Saturate my brain.
I went back to the factory to pick up my pay.
There with my paycheck a slip that did say
"(We're) closin' plant down in just a short while
Have a nice day, and be seein' ya now."
I went back to my pad to rest up a bit.
Landlord was waitin', equipped with a writ.
Your rent isn't paid up. I've got you on file.
Feet to the street. Yeah. Be seein' ya now."
I've lost my sweet woman. I ain't got no keep.
I'm walkin' the street now, with no place to sleep.
There's no one to help me, just one long-lost pal.
Mr. Tequila, be seein' ya now.