We encourage you to download your own copy of this RealAudio file. If this site becomes very popular, it may become too expensive for us to keep the RealAudio files on line; so, if you are going to listen more than once, please download.

You can download your files in one of two ways:

Plastic Palms & Plastic Music
Treasured Illusions
Carnival of Years
God in a Cup
Our House is Burnin'
Missin' You
Mr. Tequila
You must understand how to configure the "helpers" in your browser in order to do this trick. You may need to configure ".ra" files back to the RealAudio Player in order to play RealAudio files once you are done downloading.

We also give blanket permission to rehost the eight RealAudio files referenced above, provided that:

  1. You reference this website (www.curbside-recording.com/towering) on the same html page (or pages) where the RealAudio file(s) is(are) referenced.
  2. You include this notice about rehosting.
  3. You send us the URL of the web site rehosting the files. E-mail is adequate for this purpose once we have acknowledged it (we'll add your URL to our site unless you tell us not to).
  4. The files are not altered in any way: This permission does not apply to higher quality sound recordings of the above material or any other sound recordings Towering Pretzels might do in the future.
  5. This permission applies only to the above 8 sound files exactly as created by Towering Pretzels.

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