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BSEE Cornell University (with distinction).



Over ten years experience with comm drivers in a symetric multi-processing, fault tollerant environment.

Written MIDI applications and drivers for Mac OS X.

Designed a mic splitter/cabling system based on the JT-MB-CPC microphone bridging transformer. This design is for sale. Pictures are here (warning, many large files).

Helped add POSIX.1 compliance to a non-Unix operating system.

Extensive work improving the performance and reliability of Streams and Streams based drivers in a multi-processing operating system (non-Unix, but DKI compliant).

Fixed and enhanced comm firmware.

Implemented half of any early electronic mail system (still in use after more than 20 years).

Implemented or re-implemented all pieces of a forms management package. Technical lead for the device independent terminal support layer in a major multi-processing operating system.

Implemented utilities for a new operating system (tape backup utilities, file & directory copy, various programming tools, part or symbolic debugger, etc).

Implemented major parts of two compilers (Basic and one custom Pascal-like language).

Hardware Diagnostic Programming.

HR Music Systems