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Ahh, so now, you've found the most important part of my web site!

I am a keyboard player and a vocalist. I have done all sorts of music -- Blues, R&B, Rock, Folk (including a-capella) and I listen to even more. I also do some live recording from time to time (see Curbside Recording).

I am a member of the following musical groups:

o Primal Session

o Cambridge Harminica Orchestra


In past years, I used to perform with the following groups:

o Towering Pretzels (CD and MP3s available here!)

o Grand Larceny

o Festival of Light and Song Chorus

o Suffolk County Singers

o Apothecary, Stone Quarry and Jade in the Ithaca area.

o Sole Distributor and Flask in the Mid Hudson valley.


PO Box 610072
Newton MA 02461

HR Music Systems